March Holiday Workshops 2020

Give your child something to look forward to this March term break. We’ve got a whole range of fun and exciting classes and activities lined up for your child this March school holidays, suitable for ages 3 - 14!

Enjoy 10% savings if you register for any of these programmes before Friday, 6 March 2020! 

What would you like to do this holiday?

Rest and Recover

Revise for Term 2



We offer two themed workshops that’ll get your child excited to read and to build a lifelong love for reading.


Give your child’s creative writing skills a boost by having him/her attend this Writing Boot Camp. Your child will learn what it takes to produce a good creative writing piece for both his/her own personal expression and for school compositions.


Through hands-on activities, your child will also get to use his/her imagination to express his/her personality and thoughts in writing!

Our Writing Boot Camp is offered at four different levels – K2, P1, P3 and P4.


Offered in conjunction with Actors Centre Australia, the Champion Mindset Theatre provides your child with a teaser of our acclaimed Champion Mindset Theatre.


Over the course of 2 days, your child will be immersed in the world of acting and theatre, learning different techniques to enhance his/her confidence and self-expression.


Champion Mindset Theatre is available for two age groups – N1 - N2 and K1 - K2.


Introduce new and proven techniques to boost your P1 - P2 child’s learning with one of our MindChampion Junior Workshops, available for Chinese or combined English and Maths.


Comprising the key highlights of our proprietary MindChampion Programme, this workshop empowers your child with the crucial learning, thinking and communication skills needed to excel in school and beyond.


Let our team of expert trainers introduce the Champion Mindset to your child via exciting activities designed to boost his/her confidence. Your child will also be equipped with the skills for self-directed learning, creative problem-solving and divergent thinking.

The MindChampion Workshop is conducted separately for P3 - P4, P5 - P6 and Secondary 1 - 2 students.


The holidays are a great time to consolidate progress and prepare for the next term’s work, so why not maintain your P3 - P6 child’s momentum with our Primary Success Workshop?


This 2-day workshop is designed to enhance and polish skills that are taught in school, deepen your child’s conceptual understanding and foster collaborative skill through group or pair work.

Offered in English, Chinese, Maths and Science, the Primary Success Workshop is conducted separately for P3 - P4 and P5 - P6 students.


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